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My sole focus is acquiring a privately-held company with the following financial and business characteristics. My goal is to work with committed sellers that need to achieve either full or partial liquidity. I am not a private equity sponsor or strategic acquirer—my aim is to work with business owners who no longer wish to run their firms but value the long-term success of what they have built.


Desired Financial








  • Revenue: Greater than $5mm, Growth greater than 10%

  • Cash Flow: Greater than $1m

  • High Amount of Recurring Revenue

  • Limited Capital Expenditure Requirements

  • Strong, Conservative Balance Sheet






  • Large Market Size (greater than $1.0 Billion)

  • Strong Industry Dynamics

  • High Return on Tangible Assets

  • Service Based Business Model

  • Higher Barriers to Entry

  • Low cyclicality







Desired Industry









Desired Business








  • Simple and Understandable Business Model

  • Consistent Operating History

  • Succession Issues. Committed Seller

  • Loyal and Dedicated Employees

  • No Customer Concentration

  • Strong Middle Management

  • Low Regulatory Risk





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